A Bit of Modeling

There are many things we could say about this video. Have your say by initiating or contributing to a discussion. Having uploaded the clip, I would like to make a few brief observations...

Although this presentation is clearly an assessment task, there is no evidence of undue pressure coming between the student and her opportunity to share her learning. On the contrary, this young lady is clearly enjoying the chance to celebrate her achievements. This climate, all important has been developed by the deliberate building and enjoyment of - positive and supportive working relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. The result is shining.

Learning Through Language

This next video takes a look inside two German classes. Our German dept. has been discussing aspects of the PYP, inquiry and the nature of integration. We are working hard to find meaningful and relevant contexts for learning through language. In these examples children are learning presentation skills, music and collaborative drama through their work in German. Enjoy.

Pitch Patch PinquinIn this video the children are learning language through the ideas described in a song....about a penguin. The children first hear the ideas and use their bodies to respond to the language. They explore the ideas further in a craft-based activity and are able to recall and respond in question and answer situations.Enjoy - you can even learn the song!

A Garden of Learning
Take a peek into one of our Primary classrooms and see the work they have been doing to plan for their garden.
Lines of Inquiry

• Ways of exploring and documenting the local environment
• Physical features and characteristics of the local environment
• Living things in the local environment

The fact that our Primary children have their own garden, of which they are very proud, has made their learning in this unit very meaningful and relevant in their own lives....the joyful and purposeful engagement is for all to see. Primary are exploring the first line of this inquiry, in that they are documenting a part of their local environment. This part is planned and maintained by the children. It seems natural that with exploration and understanding of the world comes a sense of responsibility. Perhaps "responsibility" should be one of the key concepts as we synchronize with Sharing the Planet. I personally love this video for the sheer joy of ownership and commitment to learning. Ask Amy about the bit we "cut".