Job Description - The Role of the TA

The duties of the position will inlcude but not be limited to those on the list which follows:
  • To provide support to the teacher
  • To provide support to the students so they may achieve at their highest possible level
  • Demonstrated ability to work with children
  • Ability to speak English

  • Assist students requiring help in any curricular area
  • Reinforce discipline within the classroom and school in general
  • Duplicate materials according to agreed procedures
  • Organise materials to be used for a lesson
  • Organise and maintain supply cupboards
  • Organise, collate, etc. report cards
  • Put up/take down bulletin boards
  • Supervise students as requested
  • Attend grade level meetings as requested
  • Accompany and assist, when requested, with field trips
  • Substitute for an absent teacher as needed
  • Comply with any other reasonable request made by the principal FIS-W

Not at FIS-W...but? What do you think of the role as described in this video?