New Teacher PD day - 23rd September 2011

´╗┐This is a link to the Great Books Foundation (Betty's reading activity). Perhaps you would like to read a little more about how the program works. There is also a video or two if you're interested. Great Books Foundation

Below are your questions (taken from the "matrix on the cupboard")

If you would like to gather ideas about a question you find particularly interesting, you may copy and paste one of the questions into a discussion. Just click on the tab above to begin a new conversation. We can all add our thoughts to these discussions. Replies could include attachements/links/opinions. Just another way we can build our understanding together.

How were these units developed what does that process look like? (In my team we've had discussions about modifying some components of the unit and I'm wondering how flexible this process is)

What will assessment look like at the end of a pyp unit? (in music)

Where can I find the full planner for our next inquiry

What are specific plans/activities that experienced PYP teachers use to teach (encorporate) the PYP attitudes, the 8 concepts, and learner profile into their units?

Could I see a PYP class in action?

How can we better incorporate the units of inquiry into the learning support skills practice?

With beginners in a language, how closely can I tie into homeroom units of inquiry.

Is working around "learner profiles" one of the corner stones to integrating PYP?

How can we improve differentiation for end of unit assessments? e.g for students with special needs.

How do the cornerstone assessments help drive the review and evaluation of units in regard to making adjustments for next time?

Where is the line between forcing the curriclum into PYP and infusing the curriclum with PYP

German intermediate level. Should integration of the units of inquiry only be done where it seems to be useful for the kids (according to their level) always?

How are we sure that what we are doing as a grade level really is fitting the PYP ideal?

Can the units of inquiry objectives be changed withing a team or is it all managed by the PYP

Beginners level: Is it ok to not include it all? or is it a must to do so?

What is the most effective way to develop the learner profile through teaching and learning?