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PYP Documentation

Click below for direct downloads of PYP
Documentation. All files are also available
on the OCC. Go to You will
need to login (name and password available
from Jason B) and then click on the
link for the Online Curriculum Center. Here you
will find all of the following files - and plenty
more to interest/engage/inform and inspire you.

Professional Development Information

IBO PYP Rules & Regulations

PYP Foundation Documentation

The following documents include all you need to know about the philosophies and beliefs encapsulated in the Primary Years Programme and our FIS-W mission and beliefs. This section
is where you want to go to when looking for the details about student attributes, key concepts, transdisciplinary themes, transdisciplinary skills....etc.

PYP Programme Evaluation & Leadership

PYP Curriculum Guidance

The PYP's own scope and sequence documentation. Our own Programme of Inquiry and Scope and sequence has evolved alongside the following. Worth a look at the opening pages for general guidance about the specific subject areas.