PYP Overview

The PYP focuses on the heart as well as the mind and addresses social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to those considered to be more academic. The traditional subject areas are valued, with an extra emphasis on the balance between the acquisition of essential knowledge and skills and the search for the meaning of, and understanding about, the world. The programme provides the opportunity for learners to construct meaning, principally through concept-driven inquiry. The threads of students’ learning are brought together in the transdisciplinary programme of inquiry, which in turn allows them to make connections with life outside the school. This overview of the PYP is encapsulated in the PYP model (figure 1).
The PYP enables students to develop an insight into the experiences of others, through:
· the knowledge component of the curriculum
· the IB learner profile and the attitudes that support it
· the students’ own conceptual development
· the expectation that they will engage in socially responsible action as a result of the learning experience.